Literary Essays:

How to Be Funnier than the Funniest Man in the Room” at The Nervous Breakdown, May 2017

I’m Tired as Hell, Too, Mamas. Tread On” at Sweatpants & Coffee, April 2016

Because Misogyny” at As It Ought to Be, May 2014; reprinted in Posh Seven Magazine, July 2014, reprinted in Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminist Identity, Lucid Moose Lit, 2015

“Why Write #28” in Green Mountains Review, January 2014

100 Words on Love: His Certainty is a Map” at The Good Men Project, December 2013

We Search for Ghosts Even Where We Know We Cannot Find Them” in The Citron Review, March 2012

There Was a Moment to Turn Back” in Brevity 35, January 2011

Op-Eds and Essays:

Reluctant Hugs: Why You Shouldn’t Force Kids to Show Physical Affection” at Parents, December 2016

Stop Telling My Daughter to Be a Good Girl” at Parents, October 2016

How to be a white ally: Fighting racism is your responsibility – start now” at Salon, July 2016

As A Rape Survivor, This Is How I Talk About Consent With My Daughters” at Cosmopolitan, May 2016; reprinted in Woman’s Day & Good Housekeeping, May 2016

How to Know if You Suck at Parenting” at Mom.Me, May 2016

Why I Celebrate My Father on Mother’s Day” in Redbook Magazine, May 2016

When My Young Daughter Asked If God Was Just a Story, Here’s Why I Said Yes” at Good Housekeeping, April 2016, reprinted at Yahoo! News, April 2016

That Time My Toddler Asked Me About Death” at Mom.Me, January 2016

5 Ways to Teach Your Toddler Not to be a Judgmental Jerk” at Mom.Me, November 2015

My Mom Died – But I Can Mother Anyway” at Scary Mommy, August 2015

Finding My Mother Through My Daughter: Motherlessness On Mother’s Day” at Role Reboot, May 2015

Egypt gets a revolution, Baltimore a riot: Why hasn’t radical empathy started at home?” at Salon, April 2015

My Daughter Loves My Husband More Than Me” at Good Housekeeping, December 2015

I’m the mom whose baby photos you’re blocking on Facebook” at Salon, July 2014; reprinted in RoleReboot, July 2014

Emily Yoffe: Don’t Empower My Rapist” at As It Ought to Be, October 2013; reprinted at The Good Men Project, November 2013

Miley Cyrus Deserves Better Than Our Slut-Shaming and So Do Our Daughters” at As It Ought to Be, August 2013

A Letter to My Daughter” in Posh Seven (formerly I AM Modern), September 2012

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