interviews & press

Laura Ellis invited me to talk about motherlessness and mothering for WFPL’s Strange Fruit podcast, “Mom Stories” edition in May 2017.

Jenny Bitner talked to me about motherhood and writing for Smoke & Mirrors, Smokelong Quarterly’s blog, in April 2015.

Sarah Marcus asked me some great questions about inclusivity, feminism, and writing for Gazing Grain Press in June, 2014.

Rachel Short interviewed me about writing, parenting, and literary community on ARTxFM’s Keep Louisville Literary program in May, 2014.

William Kelley Woolfitt interviewed me about CASUALTIES, chapbook publishing, and the writing community for his awesome Speaking of Marvels series.

Alexandra Ghaly wrote a generous feature on CASUALTIES and my thoughts on writing as an act of empathy in the Spring 2014 GMU English newsletter.

University of Southern Indiana News and Information Services: Clodfelter will kick off fall RopeWalk Reading Series on October 24.

Hunger Mountain‘s Jericho Parms interviewed me for issue 17 about “How to Prepare for a Disaster,” November 2012.